Fast Food

Fast food is the term used to describe food that is cooked and served very quickly in a restaurant setting. Outlets selling fast food can be kiosks in a mall, trucks that park in a specific location or a small snack bar. In all cases, except in the case of mobile fast food outlets, customers have the option of eating the food they order at the location or by asking to have it wrapped so they can take it with them.

The types of food typically thought of as fast food consist of French Fries (chips), fried chicken, fish, burgers and hot dogs. However, there are many locations that serve full meals, such as turkey or roast beef dinners, with a choice of French Fries or mashed potatoes. Depending on the specialty of the cuisine, you can also get Asian or ethnic cuisine at some locations. Chinese takeouts are gaining in popularity and often have the food already cooked and laid out for you to see. Then you can choose which foods you want to make up a meal and the server will dish them up for you.

Another common fast food item is pizza. Many locations have delivery service, so all you have to do is call in your order and pay the delivery person when he/she arrives at your door. Delivery is available for most fast food in larger towns and cities, but there are some fast food franchises, such as MacDonald’s that do not offer home delivery.

Fast food is popular all over the world. In the UK, fish and chips takeaways are very popular. In the Middle East, Kebab houses, especially in Turkey and Lebanon, prepare the traditional foods for fast cooking. The most common fast food in these locations is meat shaven from a rotisserie, skewered on a stick and served on flatbread with salad and a choice of dressing.

Sushi is the most popular fast food of Japan. This is cold sticky rice served with raw fish. In the Western world, fast food sushi is generally rolls of rice with a filling of fish, cucumber or chicken.

The Netherlands has its own form of fast food. A typical take out meal consists of French fries, a meat dish and sauce. Mayonnaise is commonly served with French fries, but you can get ketchup as well. The meat is usually deep fried skinless sausage or deep fried meat covered in breadcrumbs.